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EDINBURGH. A Day At The Fringe.

One of the annual treats I look forward to is a visit to Edinburgh when the Festival and Fringe are on. It’s a time when the normally staid and sensible Scottish capital let’s its hair down and goes just a little bit mad.

I know this post is a little bit behind times but real life does have a way of getting in the way of the best laid plans of mice and men etc.

From where I live in the north west of England it’s a train ride of only a couple of hours to get to Edinburgh and for me the journey is all part of the day. I have a comfy seat, the drinks trolley trundles along the carriage, gorgeous scenery slides past the window and someone else is looking after the driving.

It’s become a bit of a tradition/habit? That an Edinburgh visit starts with a coffee in the Jenner’s branch of Valvona & Crolla. Jenner’s is a department store of the old school variety and non the worse for that. The coffee bar in on one of the upper floors and gives an excellent view over Princes Street and towards the Castle and old town. While Valvona & Crolla is an excellent deli which has been part of the Edinburgh food scene since the 1930’s.

Coffee drunk (and cake eaten) it was then off into the hurley-burley.

Out of a day’s photographs I’ve edited down to a fourteen strong selection, so enough rabbiting on from me, here’s some photos.

17/08/19  EDINBURGH FRINGE. Valvona & Crolla @ Jenners.

EDINBURGH. The Valvona & Crolla Coffee Bar at Jenners. Just the place to have a coffee before launching myself onto the day.

17/08/19  EDINBURGH FRINGE. Getting To The Point.

EDINBURGH. Where the West Bow sweeps down from the Royal Mile and meets the Grass Market a street performer is putting his point (s) across.

17/08/19  EDINBURGH FRINGE. There's Been A Murder.

EDINBURGH. Getting your show publicised before the Royal Mile crowds can be murder.

17/08/19  EDINBURGH FRINGE.  Ophelia Is Also Dead.

EDINBURGH. On the Royal Mile Ophelia lies dead for her art. Promoting your show is worth some discomfort. At least I hope it is.

17/08/19  EDINBURGH FRINGE. The Quickness of the Hand.

EDINBURGH. On the Royal Mile in the shadow of St. Giles Cathedral the quickness of the hand decieves the several sceptical eyes watching.

17/08/19  EDINBURGH FRINGE.  Nicholson Square. The Epworth Halls

EDINBURGH. Nicholson Square, the audience assembles and waits for the next event outside the Epworth Halls.

17/08/19  EDINBURGH FRINGE. Music On The Royal Mile.

EDINBURGH. Music is always a bit part of the Fringe, ACA RRESTED hits the crowds with the songs.

17/08/19  EDINBURGH FRINGE. Poster Boy.

EDINBURGH. It can be too easy in the heat of the moment to get wrapped up in publicising your Fringe show on the Royal Mile.

17/08/19  EDINBURGH FRINGE. Let There Be Fire.

EDINBURGH. Up at Potterow towards the Meadows let’s juggle fire from the top of a ladder. Or perhaps just let this guy do it.

17/08/19  EDINBURGH FRINGE. Abel Mable.

EDINBURGH. Luckily up on the Royal Mile, Able Mable’s plucked from the crowd volunteer helps to wrap up the show!

17/08/19  EDINBURGH FRINGE. No Escape!

EDINBURGH. Crowds wait on the steps of the National Museum of Scotland to see if our hero will escape once again!!

17/08/19  EDINBURGH FRINGE. Guru Dudu Says.

EDINBURGH. At the top of the Royal Mile near the Castle, Guru Dudu’s silent Walking Tour passes by. At this point the Guru has decided that everybody on the tour should dance.

17/08/19  EDINBURGH FRINGE. The Emperor Arrives.

EDINBURGH. A splsh of dragons and gold plays across one of the preview stages on the Royal Mile.

17/08/19  EDINBURGH FRINGE. Rhys Crimmin.

EDINBURGH. Around the corner from the Royal Mile Austrailian singer/songwriter Rhys Crimmin pulls in a crowd.






Edinburgh. A Drink in An Elegant Bar.

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