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SNAPSHOT! Kendal, Going Crazee.

And hello from the Cumbrian gem that is Kendal. I’m on my travels with a mix of train and bus, so that should make for an exciting day, what with railway troubles, heatwaves, possible meteor strikes, alien invasions etc. So before any of the above kick off I am currently sat outside Farrar’s coffee house enjoying coffee and cake while being serenaded from across the road by a very good […]

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SNAPSHOT! Carlisle Walkabout.

Right, arrival at Carlisle has been achieved. So after a few photos on the station for my stock photography sideline it’s off into the city for coffee and food. Right, an alteration to plans. I believe there’s a Carnival parade on in Maryport today so I’m heading out there, it’s about forty five minutes by train down the coast. It

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