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SNAPSHOT. Hull. An Enjoyable Day.

Right I’m sat with a cooling drink ( two actually ) after a very enjoyable day reconnecting myself with Hull. I haven’t visited the city for a few years so obviously things have changed, moved or disappeared altogether. The area around the docks has changed completely, it’s now a vibrant spot of bars and eateries. It put me in mind of Manchester and that city’s Northern Quarter. So I’ve had […]

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SNAPSHOT. Sheffield Shuffle, Pausing For Food.

S So far so good, Mr Bluesky hasn’t turned up yet but Mr. Rainyday is also absent. I haven’t been to Sheffield in a while so there’s always the acclimatization period while I wander around more aimlessly than normal while I remember where everything is. See what’s still around and what’s disappeared. I like a town or city that still has the quirky, off the beaten track corners. Sheffield has […]

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