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SNAPSHOT! Edinburgh, The Festival On A Sunny Day.

Right, the story so far. I am in Edinburgh to take a look at the fringe and the festival, mostly the street photography side of things. The preview stages aren’t along the Royal Mile this year which has made things a little quieter, that said the leaflet distributors are out in force. The sun is high in the sky as I sit in the shade of a tree on St. […]

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EDINBURGH. A Day At The Fringe.

One of the annual treats I look forward to is a visit to Edinburgh when the Festival and Fringe are on. It’s a time when the normally staid and sensible Scottish capital let’s its hair down and goes just a little bit mad. I know this post is a little bit behind times but real life does have a way of getting in the way of the best laid plans […]

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EDINBURGH. City At Festival Time.

  A few days ago I took a train journey up to one of my favourite destinations, Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh. Scotland’s a place I have been travelling to for many years, my connection being my late father who was a Scot from the Lanarkshire area. The reason, or excuse for this latest trip was that fact that the Edinburgh Festival which always adds an extra dimension to the attractions […]

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