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MANCHESTER. Pho at I Am Pho.

I was in Rochdale the other Sunday, Andy a friend, was running in the 10K race part of the town’s annual Half Marathon event. I was doing the vitally important task of taking care of his mobile phone.

Rochdale crouches in the shadow of the Pennines, the spine of high country which runs up the middle of England to just over the Border into Scotland, so there’s not a lot of level ground to be had. As Andy found out.

Race over, a creditable time was achieved and a pint was drunk in celebration. Then our thoughts turned to food and then to Pho. The richly filling combination of broth, noodles and beef. It became a favourite of Andy’s after a trip to Vietnam. So that decided it was a tram ride back into Manchester and to Chinatown. A quick walk from the tram stop on St. Peter’s Square took us to George Street, down the steps and into I Am Pho.


I Am Pho on George Street in Manchester’s bustling Chinatown area. Good food in large portions. What’s not to like?

MANCHESTER. I Am Pho. Prawn Spring Rolls.

A light but satisfying starter of prawn spring rolls.

MANCHESTER. I Am Pho. Rare Beef Pho.

The main event, rare beef pho, lightly spiced broth ladened with flat rice noodles, a generous helping of sliced rare beef and thickly garnished with spring onions and herbs. A salad of bean sprouts and mint came too, along with some lime wdges and slices of chillies if you felt the need to up the spice stakes.

MANCHESTER. I Am Pho. Coffee.

After an extremely satisfying and filling meal, I rounded it off with coffee Vietnamese style. Rich, dark and flavourful coffee served in a glass with a layer of condensed milk on the bottom. Very indulgent.




A PHO RECIPE ( there are others )

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Some of my stuff.






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  1. Just exploring your wonderful blog.

    Did you have the condensed cream with the Vietnamese coffee ?



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