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LIVERPOOL. Let There Be Music, Finale.

Finally I made it to the River and the Pier Head where the action was going to be taking place in the Liverpool Arena. This was the crowd magnet for the day and the sun was blessing the city and the waterfront. A Eurovision Village had been created as an overspill from the main venue and already it was full and by late afternoon the atmosphere was gearing up. It […]

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LIVERPOOL. Let There Be Music (Overture)

So hello from Liverpool. It’s the weekend of the Eurovision Song Contest, being held in the city on behalf of Ukraine for reasons we are all aware of. It was a good reason to visit the city, I don’t live too far away which oddly can work against coming here, too easy, go next week syndrome. Anyway I’m here and doing my walk about. I’ be started at the top […]

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ORMSKIRK. New Trains &Lunch.

The clocks here in the UK have long since gone into summer time mode so it’s time to be out and about again. There’s nothing to be gained letting a day go to waste, life doesn’t give refunds. It’s a little while since I’ve been out to the Thursday street market at Ormskirk, it’s on Saturdays too, so that was the perfect excuse to get out of the house for […]

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