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SNAPSHOT. Hull. The Band Played As The Tortoise Walked By.

A Little while ago I took a trip out to Hull on the east coast. Things had begun the long return to normal and I needed to visit a place I either hadn’t been to before or hadn’t been to for a long time. After a bit of head scratching and no I didn’t get any splinters in my fingers, I decided on a revisit to Hull.

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SNAPSHOT! Knott End. The Last Ferry Of The Day.

A pleasing day comes to a gentle end. The sun gathers itself together and makes to say goodbye for those few, cool, gentle hours of the night. The river turns from water into a burnished, rippled silver as the last ferry of the day busy-bodies itself across and deposits it’s last human cargo. Job done, the heated fuzz of the day begins to cool and disappear as the little boat […]

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SNAPSHOT. Hull. An Enjoyable Day.

Right I’m sat with a cooling drink ( two actually ) after a very enjoyable day reconnecting myself with Hull. I haven’t visited the city for a few years so obviously things have changed, moved or disappeared altogether. The area around the docks has changed completely, it’s now a vibrant spot of bars and eateries. It put me in mind of Manchester and that city’s Northern Quarter. So I’ve had […]

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