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PRESTON. Lunch & An Autumn Stroll

Here in the UK the clocks have gone back so that means Autumn is sliding by ever faster and Winter, icy claws at the ready, is stealing ever nearer. So when you get a day of decent sunshine it’s a bit silly to let it go to waste.

I took a trip up to Preston for lunch with a friend. The city is a town with some history to it’s name and a clutch of fine buildings to prove it. It also has some very pleasant places to eat.

It’s not a long drive from where I live and I parked on the famous Preston Bus Station. Once hated it’s has now become an icon of it’s time with an exhibition in its honour at the local museum as well as having it’s own account on Twitter.

Lunch was Korean, coffee and cake were taken at the Townhouse and the walking was around the city centre and through the Autumn kissed colours of Avenham Park.

To the pictures.

27/10/19.  PRESTON. The Bus Station.

PRESTON. The Bus station. Once unloved and neglected the bus station has re-found favour as an outstanding example of the Brutalist Architecture school. In fact it is enjoying its own exhibition in the nearby Harris Museum. One feature of which is a selection of photographs by local people documenting their attachment and memories of the building.

29/10/19  PRESTON. Winkley Street. Bibimbap At Kim Ji.

PRESTON. Winkley Street isn’t the longest of streets, it leads from Fishergate Street down to the green oasis of Winkley Square and eventually Avenham and Miller Parks down by the River Ribble. What it lacks in length it makes up for in eateries. From a smattering of the usual suspects to a clutch of independants. Lunch was at a Korean restaraunt, Kim Ji and very good it was. The dish is Bibimbap, a selection of rice, meats and vegetables served in a hot, very hot, dish. An egg yolk is broken on top and then mixed in with everything else and is cooked by the heat of the dish. Very moorish. It was accompanied by crsipy vegetable dumplings and a rolled and thinly sliced omellete.

27/10/19.  PRESTON. Winkley Street.

PRESTON. Winkley Street, looking up towards the city centre and Fishergate Street, one of the main shopping streets.

27/10/19.  PRESTON. Winkley Street. Francis Thompson Plaque.

PRESTON. Winkley Street. Some history on the wall, commemorating local born poet Francis Thompson.

27/10/19.  PRESTON. Winkley Square.

PRESTON. Winkley Square, sitting pretty at the bottom of Winkley Street. A green breathing space just off the city centre.

27/10/19.  PRESTON. Avenham Park.

PRESTON. Avenham Park, lies just a little further on from Winkley Square. Its trees showing off their Autumn riches before Winter’s cold knife cuts down their leaves. The park slopes down to the River Ribble at the bottom, the Ribble has connections with the Mormon Faith, while Miller Park is just a little further along on the right at the bottom of this path. Preston is certainly not short of green spaces.

27/10/19.  PRESTON. Fishergate Street.

PRESTON. Fishergate Street, one of the major shopping stretches of the city, leading up from the station towards the Market and Harris Museum.

27/10/19.  PRESTON. The Miller Arcade.

PRESTON. The elegant frontage of the Miller Arcade. Inspired by London’s Burlington Arcade it dates from the late 1890’s. The store selection changes over time as businesses move in or move on, it seems to be heading in the direction of a food destination at the moment.

27/10/19.  PRESTON. The Market.

PRESTON. The rebuilt market hall slotted neatly into one of the two covered market pavilions. This replaces what was an uninspiring 1960’s box which until it’s recent demolition, sat alongside on the left.

27/10/19.  PRESTON. The Harris Museum & Library.

PRESTON. Sitting impressivlely on it’s square near the market is the Harris Museum and library.

27/10/19.  PRESTON. Friargate. The Od Black Bull.

PRESTON. Friargate, a pubs name is impressively rendered in tiles.

27/10/19.  PRESTON. Friargate. The Townhouse.

PRESTON. Friargate.A fair bit of ground had been covered since lunch so it was time for a coffee stop. A little way down Friargate sits the Townhouse, excellent coffee, excellent cake.

27/10/19.  PRESTON. The Sessions House.

PRESTON. The Victorian splendor of the Sessions House sit grandly on Harris Street and house the city’s courts.

27/10/19.  PRESTON. Fishergate Street. Old Cock Yard.

PRESTON. Fishergate Street. Here and there around the city centre old street names still survive, usually referencing pubs or coaching inns of long ago.

27/10/19.  PRESTON. The Bus Station.

PRESTON. The Bus station. Looking along the concourse. One of the briefs the Architects were given was that the building was to look as much like an airport terminal as possible. It was to be a new area, forward looking and out with the old. Ironically the bus station has now become cherished as a survivor from it’s own bygone age.






Preston. A Visit To The Moon.


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