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EDINBURGH. The Quickness Of The Hand.

19/08/14 EDINBURGH. The Fringe 2014 On The Royal Mile. Magic.


Watch carefully, is it here, or is it there? The quickness of the hand deceives the eye. This is Edinburgh, on the Royal Mile by St. Giles Cathedral and the Festival is at it’s height. This event is in my top five of locations for candid street photography. You just have to pick a spot and it all unfurls before you like a tapestry of a carnival. Here a magician was working the crowd with an assistant picked from the crowd. Time and again the young lad carefully followed the action but at each reveal that darned magician had done it again.

For candid images I always think that monochrome is the only way, colours can distract from the action, plus for me the black & white tones always add a timeless quality.

I like to get in at least one visit to Edinburgh each year and timetables are being consulted as I type this.




EDINBURGH. A Day At The Fringe.

Edinburgh. A Drink in An Elegant Bar.

SCOTLAND. In Twelve Images.

Down The River Clyde.

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