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SNAPSHOT! Liverpool. Waiting At Liverpool Central.

Okay is Saturday, I’ve been redecorating most of the week so I need a change of scene that doesn’t involve bare plaster or piles of soggy old wallpaper. Liverpool’s Central station lies on the bones of it’s predecessor of the same name. That station provided services by the Cheshire Lines Committee, running across through Manchester and into Yorkshire. This modern incumbent is home to services from Hunts Cross in the […]

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SNAPSHOT! Chester. Steam In The Night.

I’m a big kid still and few things stir my heart more that the sight of a steam locomotive. I’ve been into Chester today and I knew that something was occurin’ by the sight of people lining up on the road bridge that crosses one end of Chester station. “It’s a Black Five” Was the answer I got when I asked what was expected and sure enough a few minutes […]

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