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GLASGOW. Behold The Necropolis.

18/09/13 GLASGOW. The Necropolis, double Angels.

Sorry if this seems a morbid post but The Glasgow Necropolis is a fascinating place.

18/09/13 GLASGOW. The Necropolis Gates.

Glasgow. The Gates to the Necropolis leading to the Bridge of Sighs.

It dates from the early 1830’s and was part of the movement that established private cemeteries. The existing system of burials being the responsibility of the local parish was beginning to buckle under the strains of death rates and lack of space within existing burial grounds crammed into town and city centres.

18/09/13 GLASGOW. The Necropolis, view of the Knox memorial.

Glasgow. A view towards the highest point of the Necropolis and the memorial to John Knox.

As was the way, even in death those who had been gathered in liked it to be known that they were, in life, of some substance. Some of the tombs are almost overpowering, its a collection of towers, walls and crypts spiralling there way to the top of the hill the Necropolis is built on. Even in death they could still look down on everybody.

18/09/13 GLASGOW. The Necropolis, William Miller.

Glasgow. The Necropolis and the grave of William Miller, the author of the nursery rhyme ‘Wee Willie Winkie’.

The Necropolis is nearby to Glasgow Cathedral, the Church of St. Mungo and is linked to the city by a bridge, The Bridge of Sighs, over the Molendinar Burn, the stream which the original settlement of Glasgow grew up around.

18/09/13 GLASGOW. The Necropolis, John Henry Alexander tomb insc

Glasgow. The Glasgow Necropolis, John Henry Alexander’s tomb inscription. An actor lamented.


It’s a curious place to walk around, surrounded as the place is by the hustle and bustle of the city and the greater Glasgow area beyond it maintains a stillness and calm. It was an interesting visit, I must get back there again.

But only in daylight………………

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