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AVIEMORE. Thunder In The Glens

24/08/14  AVIEMORE. Thunder In The Glen 2014.

SCOTLAND. Highland Region, Aviemore. The stalls set up for the annual Thunder of the Glen Harley Davidson owners meeting.

Thunder In The Glens is an annual meeting for Harley Davidson owners which takes place in August at Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands and is an event I always like to visit with the camera when I am in Scotland, it’s a great hunting ground for the candid image.  

For the weekend of the meeting the main street comes alive with the sound of the low, rumbling throb of Hog engines.  In the run up to the weekend the routes up to Aviemore, especially the A9, the main trunk route north through the centre of the Highlands is a constant procession of bikes with the numberplates of all nations. 

The town takes the bikers and their bikes to it’s heart, quite apart from the boost to the local economy it brings a hearty dose of fun along with it. A stage on the main street is host to live music 

25/08/13 AVIEMORE. Thunder in the Glen, music by Tweed.

SCOTLAND, Aviemore. The trio Tweed line up onstage for the annual Thunder in the Glen Harley Davidson weekend.

throughout the day. A temporary ‘Hog’ village springs up with the attendant spares, accessory, and leathers stalls.

24/08/14 SCOTLAND. Aviemore. Thunder in the Glen. Boots & Kilt.

SCOTLAND. Aviemore. Potentially windy bike riding with a klt at the 2014 Thunder In The Glens Harley Davidson owners meeting.

24/08/14 SCOTLAND. Aviemore. Thunder in the Glen. New Rock Boots

SCOTLAND. Aviemore. New Rock Boots & Shoes at the annual Thunder In The Glens, Harley Davidson owners meeting.

The big even of the weekend is the parade of bikes which runs from Aviemore to the town of Granton on Spey and back again, about a 34 mile round trip, with up to 500 bikes taking part. I recommend it as an event not to miss if you are in Scotland when it’s taking place.

25/08/13 SCOTLAND. Aviemore Thunder in the Glen.

The Harley Davidson owners gatheriing at Aviemore, Thunder in the Glen, the place to see the  bikes and their riders.

25/08/13 AVIEMORE. Thunder in the Glen. beer time.

SCOTLAND, Aviemore. Time for a beer at the annual Thunder in the Glen Harley Davidson weekend.

25/09/13 AVIEMORE. Thunder in the Glen, a long day.

SCOTLAND, Aviemore. It can be a long day when the Thunder in the Glen hits town.

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