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SCOTLAND. In Twelve Images.

15-08-11. LOCH TAY.

LOCH TAY The view along the Loch from Kenmore.

Well the prospect of travelling again inches slowly closer, though at the moment as the rain streaks down my windows and the wind bounces around my garden, that prospect seems as far away as ever.

Trying to make some positive use of the down time I’ve been tidying the photo files. Checking what’s there and pencilling in ideas for future trips. One way and another I spend a lot of time in Scotland, so I’ve put together a random selection of images.

Apart from they are all Scottish scenes there is no other connection, I’m not Dan Brown so there’s no secret theme to go looking for…………………….but then I would say that wouldn’t I.

Less words more pictures this time.

14-08-14. BLAIRGOWRIE. Artisan Market.

BLAIRGOWRIE. Artisan market  adds a bit of spice and variety to the Saturday morning shopping.

18/08/13 PITLOCHRY. Railway Station.

 PITLOCHRY. . Waiting for the Inverness train. The town’s Festival Theatre brings in people from far and wide and the regular train services travel through the spectacular scenery of the Scottish Highlands.

19/08/14 EDINBURGH. The Royal Mile. Clown Face.

 EDINBURGH. This year the capital will be without its annual burst of madness and mayhem but no doubt it will be back bolder and better next year. Here The Greatest Liar in The World gets promoted to the passing crowds on the Royal Mile.

21-08-14 LOCH AWE. Kilchurn Castle.

LOCH AWE. The impressive ruins of Kilchurn Castle on Loch Awe.

28-08-14 DINGWALL.

DINGWALL. Looking along the High Street.

22-08-2009. DUNKELD. The Cathedral. Count de Rohanstart Grave.

DUNKELD.  A sad end to a romantic tale lies in a corner of the ruined section of Dunkeld Cathedral. Beneath this plain stone is the last of the Scottish Stuart claimants to the thrones of the Unted Kingdom. Charles Edward Stuart, Count de Roehenstart was the grandson of Bonnie Prince Charlie, the Jacobite claimant who’s own dreams of the crown ended at Culloden. His grandson passed away in 1854 after his coached crashed as he returned from a visit to the Duke of Athol at Blair Castle a little top the north of Dunkeld.

24-08-14 FESHIEBRIDGE. Frank Bruce Sculprure Collection.

FESHIEBRIDGE. If you go down to woods some day you might see the Frank Bruce Sculpture Collection. created by local artist Frank Bruce from timber souced from the local woodland. It was his intention that over time the untreated timber would decat and return to the soil from which it grew. The imagery he created is by turns stark, mysterious or unsettling, the effect enhanced as time and decay add extra dimensions to the figures.

19/08/14 EDINBURGH.  Royal Mile Adresses.

 EDINBURGH.. Old addresses and advertisements cluster around a doorway on the Royal Mile.

21/08/14  DALMALLY. Scotrail 156 Unit.

 DALMALLY. Scotrail 156 unit rumbles across the River Orchy with the 12.21 Glasgow Queen Street – Oban service.

28/08/14  CROMARTY. The Harbour. Fishing.

CROMARTY on the Black Isle. A lone angler fishing from the quayside as the evening gathers in and the fading sun dapples the waters of the Cromarty Firth.

29-08-08. OBAN. The Harbour. Calmac Ferries Isle Of Mull & Lord

OBAN. The harbour busy with the ferries sliding in and out keeping the islands connected to the mainland.

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KENMORE. A Ruin In The Woods.

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EDINBURGH. A Day At The Fringe.

Edinburgh. A Drink in An Elegant Bar.

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