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MORECAMBE. Sitting & Watching the Bay.


Evening on the Bay as the shadows lengthen and the sun begins to set.

Sometimes there’s nothing better than just sitting and watching the world go by, or in this case the Bay.

A photo from four or so years ago, it had been one of those October days that surprises you with its warmth and a champagne sparkle of sunshine. I had travelled up by train early in the day and spent my time walking around the resort. Checking up on my favourite corners and looking for a few more.

I’d had my fish and chips and I was having a last loop around the prom before heading back for the train. ( Please can a bit of money be found to spend on the railway station? It’s not the most welcoming place to arrive in Morecambe. Suppose I have been spoiled having grown up arriving at the “proper” station ).

Anyway wandering back I passed this little scene, it was too good to pass. A perfect moment, carefully wrapped up in an autumn evening’s sunshine.

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