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ASTLEY PARK. The Wall, A Door & Some Chimney Pots.

25-06-20  ASTLEY PARK. The Walled Garden.

ASTLEY PARK. The walled garden, baking gently in the heat of the day, while the chimneys of the hall with their intricate brickwork rise up like Elizabethan skyscrapers.

I don’t know about you but I often find doorways fascinating. Anybody looking through my photo files will find random shots of them in all shapes and sizes. Like the introduction on the old Semprini Serenades radio show, they are Old Ones, New Ones, Loved Ones, Neglected ones.

They range from evening shots of slinky, city centre office blocks with their neon cool. To back street firms with virtually the whole history of the company worn into the paintwork, faded lettering and general wear and tear. I ended up putting a book together featuring a selection in an attempt to do something useful with them.

This blog post door stands stoutly in the wall of the Walled Garden ( what else would it be?) at Astley Hall, which sits in its parkland on the edge of Chorley town centre. It’s a favourite ‘go to’ destination of mine, I like walking through the pathways as the seasons take their turns to take a bow.

And yes there is good coffee and cake to be had either in the stable block Cafe or a brisk walk away in the town centre.

25-06-20  ASTLEY PARK. The Walled Garden. Chimneys.

ASTLEY PARK. The walled garden and hall’s nest of chimneys. The walls storing up the heat of the days sunshine and then gently easing it back out as the evening’s coolnest creeps in.

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