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FESHIEBRIDGE. Figures In The Woods.

There is a quiet B road that runs south from the Highland town of Aviemore and threads it’s way through the thickly wooded hills and soon leaves the clamour of the town behind. It’s a twisting, winding route with little traffic, a quiet alternative to the heavy roar of the A9 which it parallels.

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SNAPSHOT! Rivington, At Speed.

Rivington on the West Pennine Moors is an area I like to visit ( I direct you to previous blog posts for evidence of this ) . It’s criss crossed by a spidery web of twisting roads and lanes that attract riders of the motorized and unmotorized variety. Weekends are popular for these meet ups, the Top Barn especially, a three B’s kind of thing, a Bike, a Burger and […]

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