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CHORLEY. A Blooming Good Show.

In the UK summer is a fickle mistress at the best of times, so scheduling an open air event can mean you’re living a bit dangerously but it’s something we natives have just got used to.

28/07/19  CHORLEY FLOWER SHOW. The Trade Stands.

All of that said, this weekend past I went along to the fifth annual Chorley flower show, held as always in the grounds of the delightful Astley Hall, a large manor house dating from Elizabethan times, which stands in Astley Park just on the edge of the town centre of Chorley. I’m not the most expert of gardeners, my late father was the one with the magic green fingers but I do like these events, the atmosphere they have. the tooing and froing of advice and speculation as people try to decide if thier gaden with stand just one more carved wooden duck, steel giraffe or pair of painted convrete welly planters.  Then there’s the catching sight of people lost in thought as cascades of colour float past their eyes, watching them playing at garden jigsaws as they work out where they could squeeze in just one more plant.

28/07/19  CHORLEY FLOWER SHOW. Garden Ornaments.

CHORLEY FLOWER SHOW ’19. A selection of garden ornaments and furniture. The selection of animals and objects grows bigger every year.

28/07/19  CHORLEY FLOWER SHOW. Shirley's Hot Pies & Peas.

CHORLEY FLOWER SHOW ’19. The flower show is always well provided with plenty of options on the food front. When in Chorley you’re guaranteed a good pie, with mushy peas, beetroot and red cabbage of course.

Its a marvellous event which has grown steadily in size, with more space for exhibitors, an excellent food court area as well as a theatre tent hosting guest speakers and celebrities from the gardening universe. All of this plus the beautiful hall, grounds with a walled garden and woodland walks makes for a full day out.

28/07/19  CHORLEY FLOWER SHOW. Plants & Herbs.

CHORLEY FLOWER SHOW ’19. Herbs and plants for sale.

28/07/19  CHORLEY FLOWER SHOW. Fern Display.

CHORLEY FLOWER SHOW ’19. A display of ferns in the trade tent. Generally by my second lap around the show I realise I would need a garden the size of Wales if I wanted to fit in all the plants and accessories I have added to my mental list.

28/07/19  CHORLEY FLOWER SHOW. Lilly Display.

CHORLEY FLOWER SHOW ’19. A display of lillies in the trade tent, filling the air with a rich scent.

28/07/19  CHORLEY FLOWER SHOW. White & Blue Agagpanthus.

CHORLEY FLOWER SHOW ’19. White and blue agapanthus plants on sale by the hall.

28/07/19  CHORLEY FLOWER SHOW. Refreshment Tent Music.

CHORLEY FLOWER SHOW ’19. A live band takes to the stage in the refreshmant tent. A highlight of the Flower Show is a stage in the refreshment tent where acts who will be appearing later in the year at the fantastic Chorley Live, two night music event can make themselves known. I posted a blog post (?) on last years.  Sorry I was too busy drinking my glass of Pimms to get the name of this group but I will catch up with them at Chorley live 2019 in October.

So while the weather was not at its kindest to be fair but it didn’t put a damper (no pun intended) on the event and as the day progressed and the rain mostly stayed away the event grounds filled and the show blossomed ( no pun etc etc)

Let finish on a bit of stylish jazz.











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