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ASTLEY HALL. The Redcoats Are Coming.

By the magic of my time travelling blog let me whisk you back to 2018.

Its a little disconcerting to walk around a quiet corner and be met by a round of musket fire from a group of Redcoats. C’mon guys, I know I’m half Scots but do you not think it’s time to let bygones be bygones?

22-04-18  ASTLEY HALL. Open Fire!.

ASTLEY HALL. Firing a volley across the walled garden.

I had taken a drive up to Astley Hall on the outskirts of Chorley, the park there is one of those oh so lovely all year round venues where you can meander around through the year and watch the seasons change and progress with their inbuilt, intricate precision. Of all the Park’s attractions the walled garden is a personal favourite, as well as being an interesting spot in it’s own right it’s also the venue for events. Such as on this occasion, a party of Redcoat re-enactors.

22-04-18  ASTLEY HALL. Inspecting The Troops.

ASTLEY HALL. The troops get inspected.

22-04-18  ASTLEY HALL. The Art Of Reloading.

ASTLEY HALL. The reloading of a musket does not appear to be a quick affair, unless the enemy hordes are getting a bit close I suppose. That would speed me up a bit.

22-04-18  ASTLEY HALL.  Instruction.

ASTLEY HALL. When firing a musket it pays to pay careful attention.

22-04-18  ASTLEY HALL. Target Practice.

ASTLEY HALL. If your musket isn’t very accurate, make your target bigger.

A coffee and a slice of really good cake in the nearby cafe restored things a little bit more back to normal afterwards. Okay. it was two slices of cake……

I know that at the moment going out is a severely limited option but there’s plans that can be made for later.  Here’s a couple of links.

Chorley Information

Some Other Chorley Information

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Chorley. Leek & Potato Soup


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