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ST. ANNES. Rose Garden Solitude.

16-09-14  ST. ANNES.  Ashton Park. Pool & Statue.

 St. Annes. Ashton Park, the pool and statue in the Rose Garden. A quiet oasis, tree sheltered and sunlight warmed.

A little to the south of the 24/7 party town that is Blackpool stand the genteel twins of Lytham and

St. Annes. Both towns are favourite destinations of mine. As much as I like Blackpool a change of tempo is always welcome.

Just off the centre of St. Annes are the Ashton Gardens, named after the Lancaster Lino magnate Lord Ashton who bought the land and presented it to the town after is had been through a series of troubled developments which had lead to the possibility of the Gardens disappearing altogether. Echoes of those times rumbled on up to the present day.

But as you walk around, you have little impression of this turbulence. The Gardens have all the features thought proper in a pubic park of the late Victorian/ Edwardian era. Broad walks, a pond complete with ducks, the rockery with bridges and paths and of course a rose garden. This one has an elegant pool in the middle and sits in a bowl formed by earthworks which screen out noise and give the gardens a serenity all of their own.

16-09-14  ST. ANNES.  Ashton Park. Pool & Statue.

St. Annes. Ashton Gardens.  The pool and statue in the Rose Garden.  The gentle burble of the water adding a gentle soundscape for the reading of a book, the writing of a letter or a few quiet thoughts.

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ST. ANNES. Lets Go Fly A Kite.

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