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HORWICH. A Busy Town Under The Moors.

17/12/19  HORWICH.  old Station Park.

HORWICH. Old Station Park, these old locomotive wheels are a memento of the towns railway station which used to stand on this spot, the area is now a park and playground.

One of my favourite places to visit are the Terraced Gardens up at Rivington, I’ve posted about them in the past. There’s a link thingy below for that post.

My route there takes me though the town of Horwich. Like a lot of places the traditional industries and employers have moved or faded away. The streams from the nearby hills provided the power for the first mills but the big change for the town came with the arrival of the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railways locomotive works in the mid eighteen eighties. The population soared and the town grew. Now that too has gone away, the works site is presently being cleared for a mix of smaller industrial units and housing.

17/12/19  HORWICH. Lees Lane. Shops.

HORWICH. Lee Lane gives you fresh fish from M&O Fish, Sweets from Grandad Jim’s, a haircut from Gentleman Cut and elegant jewelry from Cheryl Holden. Thats not a bad choice for one town.

I know that this may sound a bit doom and gloomy but for me the town has a buzz about it. The two main streets Lee Lane and Winter Hey Lane are a hive of independent shops and more importantly for this blogger cafes.

17/12/19  HORWICH. Lee Lane. Shops.

HORWICH. Lee Lane, one of the two main shopping streets in the town.

17/12/19  HORWICH. Lees Lane. Titanic Plaque. Poppins Cafe

HORWICH. A Sad little window into the past at Poppins Cafe on Lee Lane..

17/12/19  HORWICH. Lee Lane. Fruit & Salad..

HORWICH. Lee Lane. An enticing display stands on the pavement outside of Fruit & Salad.

17/12/19  HORWICH. Winter Hey Lane. Thyme Deli.

HORWICH. Winter Hey Lane offers you the Thyme Deli, a hair do, and tapas amongst many other things.

17/12/19  HORWICH. Winter Hey Lane. J. Greeley Butchers.

HORWICH. Winter Hey Lane. Time for some shopping at J. Greeley Butchers.

17/12/19  HORWICH. Winter Hey Lane. Chill @ the cowshed.

HORWICH. Winter Hey Lane. Chill @ the cowshed.

17/12/19  HORWICH. Winter Hey Lane. The Home Bakery.

HORWICH. Winter Hey Lane. The Home Bakery.

Even though the large town of Bolton is only a few miles away the town maintains an identity of it’s own as well as being a useful starting or finishing point for this part of the West Pennine Moors.

RIVINGTON. Sunlight And Old Stones.

RIVINGTON. A Tower High On A Hill.

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  1. I’d heard of Horwich but knew nothing about it so thank you for the pictorial tour.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I moved to Horwich just over 13 years ago, a completely different experience for me moving from Higher Broughton, Salford and before that East Manchester, from Mikes Platting to Openshaw. I’m an Amateur Photographer myself and done a series on the shops etc around Horwich for a little “Shop Local” Project, I get around Rivington when possible, not as much as I’d like due to health and mobility issues. I mainly do Street Photography but do love the countryside.
    I love your blog after just coming across it on Twitter via Horwich Gossip and have followed you on WordPress, so hope to keep up with your blogposts, both past and present.


    • Thanks for taking the time to look and comment, I have agreat fondness for places like Horwich, too many towns have gone a bit ‘identikit’ same suspects in similar looking malls, you walk into one and you could be anywhere, no I’d rather have a town with a bit of identity and character anytime.


      • So very true, im from East Manchester originally and as you say you could walk into a shopping cemtre in Bolton, Bury, Warrington, Leicester etc etc and its all the same shops, no personal service either. Now that really winds me up coming from a retail and Pub background



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