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CHESTER. A Random Day Out With Photos.

28/12/19 CHESTER. Eastgate Street. Dinkey Donuts.

CHESTER. There’s always time for donuts. Tucked away under the elegance of the Eastgate Clock donuts lurk to trap the unwary.

Well, it’s that lull between Christmas now past, and the yet to arrive New Year. Those few days where you hang about in a festive limbo, gathering your thoughts and getting your breath back after sustained attacks on the turkey with all the trimmings and bouts of serious cracker pulling.

I decided to get out of the house and get some fresh air but as it’s still that time of the year where daylight is measured in nanoseconds it would have to be somewhere reasonably close so my choice was Chester. It’s only a shortish train ride away so I could be there and have enough daylight to enjoy the visit before darkness yet again cast it’s black, velvet cloak over everything.

28/12/19  CHESTER. The Groves.

CHESTER. Down by the River Dee at the Groves, the trees with their scant dressing of shrivelled leaves, patiently wait for Spring.

The plan was a circuit of the walls, it’s just a shade under two miles so a chance to get some exercise and make a start on shrinking the waistline back down again. Then a coffee ( no sugar, making an early start on the resolution front ) in one of the many coffee places that are spread across the city.

28/12/19  CHESTER. Running The Walls.

CHESTER. The walls form a nearly two mile circuit around the city and are a popular walking and jogging route, even on inhospitable December days.

Chester was still in Festive mode and busy with it. I took a selection of shots as I walked about, I like to keep in practise,

28/12/19  CHESTER. Northgate Street. Cheese

Northgate Street. The Cheese Shop. I do have a serious cheese habit.

28/12/19 CHESTER. Hi Wired For Sound.

CHESTER. Braving the evening chills at the Cross, a rope walking violinist entertains with a selection of folk tunes.

28/12/19  CHESTER. Northgate Street. Mr. Peewee.

CHESTER. Eastgate Street, Mr. Peewee the drumming puppet entertains.

28/12/19  CHESTER. Godstall Lane.

CHESTER. Godstall Lane, a medieval fragment of a street that leads through from the cathedral to Eastgate Street.

28/12/19  CHESTER. Eastgate Street. The Clock.

CHESTER. Eastgate Street. the gateway and clock.

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