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BOLTON. It Was Christmas Eve On The Market.

24/12/19  BOLTON. Clementines.

BOLTON. It’s not a proper Christmas with a clementine or two. Take your pick from this selection.

First of all, Happy New Year!!

Yes I know it’s the sixth of January and 2020 is getting into it’s stride but I have been busy. Mince pies don’t eat themselves any more than roast turkey and all the trimmings does.

24/12/19  BOLTON.  The Market Chippy.

BOLTON MARKET. The Market Chippy. It’s Christmas Eve so it’s time for a quiet moment with a side order of chips.

Things on the blog will be a bit Wibbley Wobbley / Timey Wimey for a couple of posts until the new year and I catch up with one another. The events in this blog post took place on Christmas Eve, and while they don’t involve ghosts or spectres in chains there is the odd turkey, along with geese and ducks.

24/12/19  BOLTON.  The Market Fresh Fruit.

BOLTON MARKET. Bolton’s is a proper, old style market, you never want for choice.

I like markets, the proper ones, not shopping centres masquerading. I‘m not too far from an excellent one in Bolton and it’s become part of my Christmas preparations to go down there on the last trading day before Christmas. The atmosphere is generally electric with the stall holder’s shouts, the clatter of delivery carts scooting between the stalls and the almost audible hum of concentration from the shoppers who are playing a form of food poker. Is that the lowest price on that turkey? Is a little bit more going to be knocked off those sprouts? All of life is here under the roof of Bolton Market. For the rest of the year it’s an excellent place to shop, in the run up to Christmas it’s almost magic.

24/12/19  BOLTON. Fresh Meat.

BOLTON MARKET. The clock ticks away towards the end of trading but there’s still plenty of choice and bargains to be had.

24/12/19  BOLTON.  The Market Mangoes.

BOLTON MARKET. Nice juicy mangoes.

24/12/19  BOLTON. Fish Market.

BOLTON MARKET. Fresh fish, fresh fruit & veg, or fresh meat. it’s all here under the one roof.

24/12/19  BOLTON.  The Market. Shopping Bags

BOLTON MARKET. If you’re coming to the market, bring more than one bag.

24/12/19  BOLTON.  The Market. The Fruit Stall.

BOLTON MARKET. The diversity of the town’s population is reflected in the choices available on the market.

24/12/19  BOLTON.  The Market. Potatoes.

BOLTON MARKET. Its the last chance saloon for getting your potatoes and sprouts.

And yes, even though I actually didn’t want or need anything I still came home with a turkey crown and a decent sirloin of beef. Well they were a bargain.

24/12/19  BOLTON.  The Market

BOLTON MARKET. The clock tick closer and closer towards the end of trading and steel nerved shoppers wait as the prices drop and the bargains appear.


Bolton Market


Bolton. Fountain Watching On A Warm Evening.

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