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HOYLAKE. Two Seats, One View.

HOYLAKE. The Promenade.

You know those days, the ones where the weather is not exactly friendly, its cold, overcast. Squalls of rain hurl at you out of nowhere. That kind of day. For all that though, your common sense telling you that it’s better to stay in and be good, get stuff around the house done, sort those shelves, clear out those old magazines, sensible things. Nevertheless for some reason you can’t settle. you have to go out. You and your wallpaper are bored with one another, you need some time apart, a bit of space.

I get days like that and I’ve developed a strategy that involves short journeys to a pleasant cafe. You might have noticed this habit cropping up in previous posts. I have a mental list of places ‘To Go To’ at shortish notice and to please my sensible side I take a notepad or the laptop with me so I can sit in the warm with my coffee, toasted cheese or bowl of chef’s home made soup and at least look like I’m doing something useful and productive.

On this day I headed out to the Wirral and the coastal town of Hoylake, it’s on the Wirral Circular Walk and while it gets busy, it doesn’t get madly overcrowded either. The Town centre is set a little back from the shore so you can sample back and to between them both as the mood takes you. After my coffee and cake, sorry no pics this time, I headed out to the promenade on North Parade. It’s not like Blackpool’s Golden Mile along there, it’s altogether more restful and contemplative. The benches above weren’t seeing much custom obviously as the wind whipped and played the merry fool across the open shore but they’ll be there for when the sunshine and warmer weather return.

Hoylake Information

Wirral Information

NEW BRIGHTON. A Winter’s Day On The Wirral.

BIRKENHEAD. A Walk In The Park.

BIRKENHEAD. On Hamilton Square.

Parkgate. Bats In The Pillbox.

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  1. It was a pleasure to discover your blog 🙂 you have such incredible photos and interesting stories to share 🙂 stay safe and greetings from Portugal, PedroL



  1. New Brighton On A Sunny Day – lachlansimages

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