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CHESTER. And the Dance Goes On.

21/09/13 CHESTER. Morris Dancers on The Groves

Sword dancing Morris Dancers weave their blades in the shadow of the Queens Park footbridge on The Groves by the Dee in Chester.

Thanks to ‘that’ virus I’m still time travelling ( wibbley wobbley timey wimey etc ) through my back catalogue until normality returns. So by the magic of the internet let me whisk you back top 2013 and the city of Chester.

I know Chester pops up fairly often in my blogging, it’s a combination of it being easy to get to and it being a fascinating place. You can travel through time just by walking down a couple of streets, from a Roman amphitheatre to the medieval walls to some startlingly ugly modern developments. Sorry Chester but you do have one or two plug ugly buildings dotted about.

On this particular day I’d had a wander around and then headed down to the river. I after and ice cream and a sit by the river at the Groves, a tree sheltered promenade down by the tree. While I was there I could here music drifting across from near the footbridge that spans the river. I finished my ice cream, I have priorities okay? And made my way over. There was a bit of a crowd watching a Morris Dancing group performing, to get a better view I walked up onto the bridge and took a look down and caught this view. It was too good to pass up, the arrangement of the swords was just right and the shadow of the violinist was the cherry on the photographic cake.

I later found out that there had been a festival or a meet up of Morris Dancers ( wonder if there is a collective noun?)

I always think of Terry Pratchet’s Reaper Man when I see Morris Dancers ( look that one up for yourselves ).

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