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CHESTER. Roaming The City.

19/04/14 CHESTER. The Eastgate Clock.

CHESHIRE, Chester. The clock on the Eastgate, Eastgate Street.

With its origins as Deva, a Roman settlement founded in the AD70’s Chester is one of my favourite destinations and as the city is only a short train ride away I visit frequently through the year. Above is the elegant clock which sits on top of the walls on Eastgate Street, accepted as possibly the most photographed clock in the UK after Big Ben. The clock was erected in 1899 to commemorate the Jubilee of Queen Victoria and sits  on the archway which replaced the original gateway in the 1700’s. Chester is proud of its walls which still completely circle the city and as the need for their defensive capabilities receded they became a place to walk and promenade, helping them to survive largely unscathed to the present.

04/10/14  CHESHIRE, Chester. Eastgate Street.

CHESHIRE, Chester. Eastgate Street looking down from the Eastgate and the clock. The street full of shoppers on a sunny autumn Saturday.

this is the view from under the Eastgate clock looking up toward Chester Cross.  The half timber buildings which are another of the recognisable features of Chester line the street on either side. These contain The Rows, the covered, first floor shopping areas, medieval in origin they were heavily renovated in Victorian times and these together with restricted vehicle access make Chester one of the easier cities to get around.

19/04/14 CHESTER. Bridge Street & Eastgate Street.

CHESHIRE, Chester. The Top of Bridge Street, looking along Eastgate Street towards the Eastgate clock.

This is Chester Cross at the head of Bridge Street, Eastgate Street leads away back to the clock and on the right can be seen the steps which lead up the The Rows. this area is a great meeting place, with sand artists, buskers and preachers all adding their efforts to the lively mix that ebbs and flows along. 

19/04/14 CHESTER. Bridge Street, The Rows.

CHESHIRE, Chester. Bridge Street, the Rows.

Inside The Rows on Bridge Street which leads down to the River Dee. The Rows make an excellent grandstand from which to watch Chester go by and practise you candid photography skills.



19/04/14 CHESTER. Bridge Street. Coffee For Two.

CHESHIRE, Chester. Bridge Street, a couple enjoying afternoon coffee in the sunshine

The Rows also extend along Bridge Street.


CHESHIRE. Chester. Looking down Bridge Street & The Rows towards the River.

Another of Chester’s glories is it’s cathedral, dedicated to St. Werburgh. It originally dates from the 1090’s and in that organic way of cathedrals in the Uk it has gone through an almost continuous, almost organic process of rebuilding and modification. The last being the addition of a freestanding bell tower in the 20th cent.

18/03/13 CHESTER. The Cathedral

Chester Cathedral was originally founded in 1092 as a Benedictine Abbey, some early Norman architecture survives inside. Rebuilding took place in the 13th century, the Cathedral also has 14th century wood carvings on the stalls. The nave roof was built by Sit Charles Gilbert Scott who carried out some restoration in the 19th century.

Should you now be feeling a little out of breath from your tour of Chester you can head down to the River Dee, only a short walk away and enjoy the tree lined Groves area.

21/09/13 CHESTER. The Bandstand on the Groves.

CHESHIRE, Chester. Autumn colours the trees by the bandstand on The Groves by the River Dee.

here you an sit and take some time out, practice your candid camera skills or take a boat trip along the river.

21/09/13 CHESTER. The Bandstand & the Troubadours.

CHESHIRE, Chester. The bandstand in The Groves by the River Dee. The trio is the Troubadours, entertaining the crowds on a sunny afternoon.

You may even be treated to a performance from the elegant bandstand as you relax.

19/04/14 CHESTER. The Groves. Accordionist

CHESHIRE, Chester. An accordionist playing in the Groves alongside the River Dee.

Or you may be serenaded by one of the many buskers who entertain the crowds. 

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  1. I’m enjoying your posts! And because I am a Map Person, I’ve been looking up the locations as I read the posts, which gives me a chance to improve my knowledge of geography!

    My dad’s name was Chester, and he and my mom visited here on one of their trips to England. It made me happy today to look at your photos and imagine my folks walking along Bridge Street, or through the Cathedral.

    Also, the side-eye you got from the accordion player was nice!


    • Thanks for that! I’m lucky that many of these locations are quite near to where I live and are easy for me to get to in my car or by train ( my favourite I’m a big kid ) Chester really is a fascinating place I find another little piece of it’s puzzle on every visit. Hmm the accordionist, thought I’d got away with that candid, must try harder next time!! I also glad that the post has happy memories for you.

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