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CHESTER. The Supertrees are Coming.

A couple of weeks ago, before the world ground to a halt, I made a trip out to Chester. It’s a regular -ish journey I make and as is the way with these things , new developments sort of creep up on me under the wire. A case in point were the large metal structures that were rising out of a pedestrian underpass that’s on my preferred route from the railway station to the city centre. Turn right out of the station and keep walking. You go down Bridge Street and enter the city by the bus station and near to the walls and cathedral. A suggestion for when normality returns, there’s a small but decent choice of cafes/places to grab a bite to eat before you hit the city proper and crowds. My friend Gareth has a liking for the fry ups available along here. There’s more than decent coffee to be had at Moss Coffee.

21/03/20  CHESTER. Supertrees.

CHESTER. The Suppertrees spreading their metal branches over the pedesrtian underpass that lies on one of the routes from the station to the city centre via Bridge Street.

I’d seen these structures rising up and for a while access to the underpass was blocked off while the building work was in progress, on this day access was clear and a large group of people were down there so I went and had a look. The THINGS are the Chester Supertrees and the whole area is being revamped with a refreshed and more diverse planting scheme. The matured trees that were removed have been recycled as insect nesting material.

So now I know.

21/03/20  CHESTER. Supertrees.

CHESTER. The Supertrees looking a bit stark and brutal as the new planting begins to take shape around them.

Chester Supertrees

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