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MANCHESTER. In Monochrome – Part One.

I was in Manchester at the weekend, one of the bustling Northern Powerhouses that are regaining something of their former pre-eminence. I had been in the city to meet up with a friend and after we parted, instead of heading straight back to the station I took a walk around Piccadilly Gardens, Oldham Street, St. Annes Square. After an unpromising start the day had got its glad rags on and decided to end with a burst of sunshine and a welcome rise in temperature.

I always have a camera of some sorts with me, this time is was a Panasonic Lumix DMC LX2. Its a little bit battered around the edges but then again so am I. I didn’t have a project in mind, it was a case of just walk and if anything caught my eye, press the shutter release and that’s what I did.

A bit of editing and I’ve split the results into two, I suppose the ‘Part One’ in the title is a bit of a give away on that front, Part Two will be along shortly.

Oh, a last thought, because I like black and white, the shots are all in that way. Again I suppose the ‘In Monochrome’ in the title gives that one away. Anyway, enough blah from me, here’s some pictures.

06/10/19  MANCHESTER. Oldham Street.  Tables & Chairs.

MANCHESTER. Oldham Street, tables and chairs wait with Venus Flytrap like patience to ensnare the unwary traveller, they are baited with coffee and cake.

06/10/19  MANCHESTER. Piccadilly Gardens. Falafel

MANCHESTER. Piccadilly Gardens. The pop up foodcourt, a busy and well used feature of the Gardens, fallafel to go.

06/10/19  MANCHESTER. Piccadilly Gardens. The Dog House.

MANCHESTER. Piccadilly Gardens. It would take some effort on your part to go hungy in this part of Manchester. Hot dogs and sausage to your taste? Quite a selection here.

06/10/19  MANCHESTER. Piccadilly Gardens. Burritos Beneath The T

MANCHESTER. Piccadilly Gardens. Burritos your thing? Enjoy yours beneath the trees.

06/10/19  MANCHESTER. Oldham STreet. Graffiti.

From Piccadilly Gardens a walk along Oldham Street will lead you to the Northern Quarter, an antidotoe to shopping mall mania and there’s good coffee too.

06/10/19  MANCHESTER. Oldham Street. Fig & Sparrow.Coffee & A Wi

MANCHESTER. Oldham Street, coffee and a window on the world, do you need much more?

06/10/19  MANCHESTER. Oldham Street. Fig & Sparrow.jpg

MANCHESTER. Oldham Street, Fig & Sparrow will come to the aid of your coffee and cake needs.

06/10/19  MANCHESTER. Oldham Street.  Pavement Conversation.

MANCHESTER. Oldham Street, an Autumn day warm enough to sit outside.





MANCHESTER. In Monochrome – Part Two

MANCHESTER. Underneath The Arches.

MANCHESTER. Coffee, Croissant & A Laptop.

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