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CONWY. Coffee, Bacon Roll And Window Shopping.

Following on from a stroll around the town’s walls it was time to search out something to eat. I wasn’t in the mood for the full on sit down with starched napkin and the best silver but just something to keep me going. I had done a little bit of research before heading out and L’s Coffee & Bookshop caught my eye. You’re a bit spoiled for choice on the coffee/ food front in Conwy so it was a case of either mull it over for ever or dive in and pick one. This time it was L’s, I will work my way around the other options on future visits.

19/09/19  CONWY.  High Street. L's Coffee & Bookshop.

CONWY. Tucked into the High Street is L’s Coffee and Bookshop, quite an elegant combination.

Being a creature of simple tastes and the breakfast menu still running, I opted for a favourite, a bacon roll. I am aware of all the healthy options but I like to treat myself from time to time, bacon roll it was, end of discussion. L’s has a convivial atmosphere, cosy without being cramped, good coffee and plenty bacon on the roll equals happy blogger.

19/09/19  CONWY.  High Street. L's Coffee & Bookshop. Bacon Roll

CONWY. L’s Coffee & Book Shop, a fine and delicious bacon roll with latte.

19/09/19  CONWY.  High Street. L's Coffee & Bookshop.

CONWY. L’s Coffee & Book Shop, where sharing is the thing.

Contented after my break, I decided to explore Conwy some more, this time at street level. Protected and constrained by the walls, the streets snake here and there and occasionally burst out into a square or a green. If you fancy a game of hide and seek, I would put Conwy very much towards the top of the list.

19/09/19  CONWY.  High Street. Parisella's  Ice Cream & Coffee S

CONWY. Along the High Street you will encounter Parisella’s Ice Cream Parlour & Coffee Shop. Tempting, very tempting.

19/09/19  CONWY.  High Street. YesterYears Vintage Toy Shop.

CONWY. Sunlight and shadows highlight the compact High Street and the shop frontages.

19/09/19  CONWY.  Lancaster Square. Edward 1st Statue.

CONWY. Lancaster Square and the statue of the castle builder, Edward 1st.

19/09/19  CONWY.  Castle Street. Towards the Castle.

CONWY. Looking along Castle Street towards the castle.

19/09/19  CONWY.  Castle Street.

CONWY. Looking along Castle Street, tucked in at the far end in it’s half timbered elegance is Aberconwy House, a merchants house dating from the early 1400’s. Now owned by the National Trust it’s open as a museum.

19/09/19  CONWY. Rosehill Street.

CONWY. Rosehill Street & Lancaster Square seen from the Town Walls.

Further exploration done it was time to head up river to Llandudno.

Part three to follow…




CONWY. Towns Walls, Chimney Pots & A Castle.

LLANDUDNO. Onward to the Seaside!


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