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MANCHESTER. Coffee, Croissant & A Laptop.

Sometimes I find it more productive just to ease back, relax and do a bit of nothing. Instead of chiselling away at a project that has become a little “sticky” and uncooperative, I just step back and leave it for a while.

08/06/19 MANCHESTER. Ancoats Coffee.

MANCHESTER. Ancoats Coffee, Royal Mills.

I know this isn’t a new discovery, I certainly didn’t invent this method but it can be easy to overlook the benefits of pausing things for just a little while. It isn’t always easy, or even possible in every situation but should the opportunity arise it’s a very pleasant experience to do a bit of nothing in a constructive way. The feature image above, it’s the Ancoats Coffee Roasters in the Royal Mill on Redhill Street. Illustrates my point.

Working from home is great but I like to get out, not on a set pattern but in a random sort of way. My normal method is to pack the camera, notebook (electronic laptop style) and notebook (paper, pen, scribbles and doodles kind) and head off somewhere, nearly always on public transport, nearly always rail.

On this day I’d headed into Manchester, an easy half an hour’s journey from where I live. By the time I arrived in Manchester some window gazing had given me a couple of random ideas while I was thinking about the thing I had gone out to think about. See that’s my point, you can concentrate too hard on a subject and it just laughs at you then runs away and hides, it becomes all wood and trees, no clearings, no peaceful glades and an absence of relaxing birdsong.

Anyway, I had planned to have a coffee and a cake and work on a couple of projects that were lurking on the notebook (electronic) and it was all going well until the excellent coffee and croissant arrived. That was it, the brain went into hibernate mode, freewheeling off into a caffeine induced reverie and progress apparently stopped. But it hadn’t, in amongst that coffee and pastry powered interlude a couple more ideas and solutions drifted to existence all by themselves. So thank you Ancoats Coffee.

My good friend and blogger Gareth is a great fan of the place but as he lives in South Wales he can’t get there as often as I can. Sorry about that mate…..



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  1. When I head into Manchester (I live a 35 minute bus ride outside of the city centre) I always go for a coffee there. Ancoats is where many different branches of my ancestors intersected, and I like renewing that connection there.

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    • Hi there and thanks for the comment. I know it’s a fascinating part of the city, with that warren of streets around Halle St. Peters. I like it as it is, that slightly jumbled atmosphere of the old and the new. I would hate it to loose it’s character to modern development.

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