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YORK. Thinking About Planning A Visit.

Taking the sun and thinking about ice cream on Kings Square.

The year is starting to tumble towards a close. I know that September has only just stepped up to the mark but it’s about now that things start to go a bit Helter Skelter. Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas, New Year and before you know it it’s January and the shops are full of Easter eggs. What’s prompted this rambling, I hear you not asking? As usual it’s been triggered by yet another attempt in the ongoing battle to bring some sort of order to my photofiles. I was sorting through and came across my shots from a visit last year to York. That started me thinking, have I got time to fit in a visit this year? Before we do that British thing of changing the clocks back for winter?

This act is all fired up on Kings Square.

I like York, it’s a bite sized city, I can take it in without getting overwhelmed by it. I never find the pace of it too manic, there’s always a spot to be found where I can kick back with a bite to eat, coffee & cake or something a little stronger. Just sit and watch the world go by, watching out for those moments that get the shutter finger itchy.

This is just a random artistic element I thought I’d put in jus to show my creative side ( aye right….)

The mighty Minster, a ship of stone sailing across the Yorkshire Wolds.

Alas the beer prices are more up to date………

Taking in the sun, an evening on the banks of the Ouse. A slightly un-romantic name for an attractive stretch river.

I’ll have to put on what I laughingly called my organised head and see what I can come up with.

And yes I did have a pint, this blogging is hard work….

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