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CHESTER. Cats In The Window.

So there you are, minding your own business as you walk down the street,

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I have a branch of the Aldi discount store nearby where I live at Vulcan Village on the outskirts of Earlestown and Newton le Willows. This store is unusual as it is run by a cat, or at least the cat thinks it’s in charge and what a cat thinks becomes a fact. It seems that at some point the determined feline decided he would be in charge and he […]

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SNAPSHOT! Windermere, The Return.

I’m sitting at a railway station and yes I have a ticket for my destination. It’s been been one of those off the cuff days that ends up giving more than you thought. It’s been good to catch up with some familiar and not so familiar places not the great unhappiness is lifting. From tonight/tomorrow there will be more daylight again so we can come out of mole mode and […]

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