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THE PENNINES. Going Over The Top.

High on the Pennines, a wall that has witnessed the passing of time and men, keeps it’s secrets close as it head off to its destiny.

As well as using public transport I do drive. Me and my little beat up car get out and about, when I’m looking for that extra little bit of travel flexibility that come with using the car instead of the train or the bus. It’s a whole different animal though and the temptation is just to keep on driving, you get lost in the zone and I have to remember occasionally that it’s good to stop every now and again and just take in the scenery around me. On the train or the bus you can just sit there and the world outside conveniently goes past the window, I can view it at my leisure. Unlike in the car where the view is dominated by the traffic in front and thoughts about the traffic behind.

A lonely junction under the blue skies.

Theses shots are from a trip I made a while ago up towards Appleby. Actually I seem to remember I ended up at Richmond in North Yorkshire. I’d just left the M6 motorway at Tebay, I’m no fan of the motorway, okay they are great for cutting the journey time but even that is debatable if there’s roadworks etc en route. I climb up towards the village of Orton and headed on. It was when I reached the summit that I saw a layby and thought I would pull in and have a few moments to let the buzzsaw drumming of the motorway die down out of my ears and have a bit of a walk and a stretch. The countryside lay spread out like a giant’s jigsaw puzzle. Sun kissed and mellow, with feather like clouds layering the sky. I had to take a couple of shots didn’t I?

Timeless hills, fields and drystone walls under blue skies and candyfloss clouds.

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