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MORECAMBE. A Vintage Day At The Seaside.

The architectural elegance that is the Midland Hotel, arms thrown wide to welcome its vintage guests.

Right after a slightly oddball start to the day. A one point this laptop I’m writing on decided it was in Australia. No. Me neither.

That hurdle crossed I did finally get to the railway station and get the train up to Lancaster and on to Morecambe. The weather was a little on the grey side to start but then decided to cheer up and put a happy face on. My reason for travelling up was the annual Vintage By The Sea event. A recreation of times past. It’s a pleasant jollyfication at the time of year were things might be starting to wind down as the shorter days, longer nights and cooler temperatures begin to steal over us. Good humoured was the keyword as tweeds, big hats, blazers and co-respondent shoes were greatly in evidence. I have noted the event for next year and might get down my matching tweed jacket and waistcoat from it’s mothball tomb in my attic.

The Yanks are coming!

Silk underwear ladees?? Genuine import off the back of a lorry.

Part mode of transport, part balancing act.

Well polished Nash Metropolitan shines in the sun.

Roll up, roll up! Try your luck. Now for some reason I always found these just a bit sinister, not all clowns just these disembodied heads slowly swaying from side to side.

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