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SNAPSHOT! Lancaster, A Pre Bus Perambulation.

Conversation and coffee, a Saturday morning street tableau.

It’s not a rainy night in Georgia, it’s a rainy morning in Lancaster. I’m off and away to Cumbria using the excellent Stagecoach Explorer ticket, as Arthur Daley would say, the world is my lobster.

Puddles and reflections.

Looking at the weather I don’t think the usual photography will be high on the agenda but a ride out somewhere always provides some useful thinking time, so nowt wasted. And no doubt there will be coffee, cake etc along the way. A side note I was always taught at school not to start a sentence with and or but, was anyone else?

But anyway, the bus is here so I’m on my way, catch up with you later.

The Market Square and the Museum,town hall as was
Pavements and cobblestones.
Mouthful of hot chicken anyone? Better move on I’m getting hungry…….

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