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KENDAL. The Barbershop On The Corner.

Step inside to a glorious parlour of pampering.

I was in between buses and I was in Kendal with about 45 mins to spare. I could have stayed a the bus station and done some observing of life and the human condition but I went for a cup of coffee and a cake instead. Yeah, yeah, predictable old me. I took myself off to Farrar’s on Stricklandgate and enjoyed a coffee outside on the pavement. At this point I refer you all to an earlier post about this.

I decided to make it a loop around and back to the buses and headed on further up towards Highgate. On the way I passed this intriguing doorway, an old building on a corner finding a new lease of life providing the pampering services for the modern male than in some respects I’m slightly jealous of. Dating from the days of carbolic and a good scrub with a bristly brush I am a bit bewildered by the range of preparations and styles that are now available. Then again I can get confused by the choices down at you average sandwich shop. The other downside is that the amount of hair I now posses only needs a good sneeze for enough to fall out to make me passably tidy. So I satisfy myself with a quick glimpse inside this other world that will always be one that I can never experience.

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