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SNAPSHOT! Warrington, Two Coffees & One Cake.

Okay a couple of jobs to sort out so a quick bus trip into Warrington. I could have driven but the traffic at the moment makes that a less than fun activity. Besides which I like the me time that can come with a bus or train ride, an opportunity to freewheel through a few ideas. Anyway, first batch of jobs done so I rewarded myself a coffee and cake […]

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SNAPSHOT! Lancaster, A Pre Bus Perambulation.

It’s not a rainy night in Georgia, it’s a rainy morning in Lancaster. I’m off and away to Cumbria using the excellent Stagecoach Explorer ticket, as Arthur Daley would say, the world is my lobster. Looking at the weather I don’t think the usual photography will be high on the agenda but a ride out somewhere always provides some useful thinking time, so nowt wasted. And no doubt there will […]

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SNAPSHOT! Preston, Another Saturday On The Station.

It’s Saturday and I’m on my travels. The railways are still like playing roulette but you have to make the effort. The current plan is to Lancaster by train then the Lakes Rover bus ticket onwards, a bit of bet hedging coming into play there. After a flurry of cancellations things seem to have settled down so let’s see what the day brings. Things have settled down and trains are […]

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SNAPSHOT! Preston, Latte And A Croissant On The Station.

Okay so I ate the croissant. Today’s expedition is to the Lake District, not got off to the most organized of starts, auto ticket machines are not the most straightforward things to use. Anyway sat sitting waiting for the next train north so that’s and excuse ( like I ever see need one ) for a coffee and a croissant. Some Links.

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