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SNAPSHOT! ULVERSTON, Where Umbrellas Are Required.

Stand Ollie say hello.

The story so far, I’m now in Ulverston, the weather has decided to stay in unpleasant mode so it’s a case of get wet and find hot food.

Italian butterbean and tomato stew.

Walking around I found a place new to me, Ripe on Market Street. The stew 👆was just the thing for a day of unfriendly weather, it was rich and warm with just the right amount of spice. Spice is now on my list.

Shopping elegance from a bygone era.
Market Hall fruit and veg.

I risked another walk around dodging in and put of the rain, I’ve a real fondness for the market hall, it always has a fair selection of ‘stuff’on offer, a good cafe too.

Random person ponders chip shop decisions.
The market hall, small but perfectly formed.
Waiting for the Kendal bus. It’s Kendal Calling this weekend too. Perfect festival weather then.
Farrar’s of Kendal, coffee and almond slice.

I made it back to Kendal and wouldn’t you know it I’d just missed a bus, drat, a whole hour until the next one. Hmmm,how to fill the time….. It was a very good almond slice and a vet decent coffee….

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