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A MIXED BAG. Rain Stopped Play.

I had a day out planned for today. I’d done some research, checked the timetables AND taken a look at the weather forecast.

However, what came tumbling down out of the sky onto my house this morning was not the light, occasional showers but something that put me in an ark building frame of mind.

COLWYN BAY.The Promenade, letting time pass by


So today’s plans have been put back to a day with hopefully better weather and I spent the day sorting and editing the ever growing pile of images.

Here’s a brief selection of what I unearthed.

HALIFAX. West Yorkshire. The ornate gates to the Piece Hall, when wool was king.
LIVERPOOL. Merseyside. The Pier Head, the Liver Building clock.
MANCHESTER. Greater Manchester. Withy Grove in the city centre, an old shop frontage. The shop specializes on books and magazines. It’s always a pleasure to find buildings like this that have escaped the clutches of the dreaded developer. Not all of them are pretty, not all of them are in the very best of condition but they do add light and shade, a bit of nuance that keeps shopping centre blandness at bay.
HALIFAX. West Yorkshire. I do like a proper market, not a plastic shopping centre clone but a proper one. One that has a few knocks and scars to prove it’s been about and knows what it’s about. A place where shopping is a social occasion as much as a neccessity.
MANCHESTER. Greater Manchester. Ancoats, bike and boats at Cottonfields Marina. There good coffee and cake to be had hereabouts……..

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