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SNAPSHOT. Morecambe. Form & Function On The Promenade

I have a liking for the walk along the promenade at Morecambe, especially the stretch from the Battery to Heysham village. The concrete seats and tables always catch my eye, I can never quite decide whether they are really for use or for decoration. Whenever I sit at one of them I half expect to be chased off by an irate gallery attendant. Other Links.

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SNAPSHOT. Sheffield Shuffle, Pausing For Food.

S So far so good, Mr Bluesky hasn’t turned up yet but Mr. Rainyday is also absent. I haven’t been to Sheffield in a while so there’s always the acclimatization period while I wander around more aimlessly than normal while I remember where everything is. See what’s still around and what’s disappeared. I like a town or city that still has the quirky, off the beaten track corners. Sheffield has […]

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