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SNAPSHOT. Lytham. Blue Cornflowers & A Change Of Plans.

Lytham in blue.

The weather at the moment in the UK is behaving like a stroppy teenager having a strop.

I had put together a picnic and my destination with it and the camera was going to be the Terraced Gardens at Rivington, on the former estate of Lord Leverhulme of Sunlight Soap fame. Rain stopped play on that one. So seeing a very small patch of blue out towards the coast my sandwiches and I headed out that way. Annoyingly so did the rain……

I hid out in one of the park shelters in Lowther Gardens until the worst had past. Then sandwiched eaten I did a quick tour around the town before the rain came back for an extended encore.

I’ll try again next week.

Before the rain came. Nothing better on a Sunday than just watching the world go by.
On the Square, tables and chairs lie in wait for those brave enough to chance the weather.
Play safe, eat under the awning.
Annoyed with myself that I didn’t pick some of these up.

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