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SOUTHPORT. Biker Photographer.

SOUTHPORT. The Pier, biker photographer.

Anyone who has had the stamina to wander through the ramblings in this blog will know that regular themes and places turn up. One of the places is Southport on the Lancashire coast. For me it’s easy to get to place and useful for blowing away the mind fogs that settle from time to time and lead the idea ships onto the rocks.

The landward end of the town’s pier is a regular meeting spot for the motorcycle community. The town is centred on a network of loads and routes that appeal to the two wheeled community and I think the big chip shop there might figure in the calculation as well.

This shot was taken in 2016. A moment being recorded onto the mobile. I wonder what happened to the shot? Was it printed off and hung on a wall? Sent or posted somewhere? Or is it still on the memory card awaiting the call to action?

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