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OUT & ABOUT. On A Rainy Day.


Sometimes you know that you just have to get out of the house, no matter what chores are calling out to be done or what state the weather is in.

SHREWSBURY. A drainpipe fails to keep the Kings Head dry on Mardol.

I had a day like that the other weekend. There were plenty of things that needed attention but my wallpaper and I both agreed that a little time apart would be a good thing.

SHREWSBURY. Shine on kindly light.

The weather was far, far from promising but there was a faint glint of blue sky, so I made it out of the house for a reasonably early train and headed off. Sadly the little patch of blue that tempted me out of the door was an ephemeral lie on the weather’s part as down came the rain.

SHREWSBURY. A bit of string fails to stop the leak.

It didn’t make for a really great day out but I still had the change of scene I was looking for and not wanting it to go to waste I took a few shots to keep in practice.

CHESTER. Seen from the Eastgate clock, the umbrellas of Chester scuttle along Eastgate Street

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