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AUTUMN. Is for Apples.

Apples on the tree, ready for harvest.

Autumn has packed it’s bags. The showy reds and golds of the trees are all but gone for another year to be replaced by the cool, grey sternness of another winter.

APPLES. Windfalls for the cider.

Memories remain though in the shape of a stack of apples I have stored away to take me through the long evenings in a flurry of chutney and apple sauce making. Scenting the house with a fruity spiciness and an anticipation of roasts, sandwiches and cheese boards rounded off with a healthy dollop of home made handiwork.

APPLES. All harvested up.

And of course there’s a bottle or two of home made cider gently bubbling away to help keep the winter chills at bay.

APPLES. In the shed ready for sorting and wrapping.

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