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CROMARTY. Waiting For The Nigg Ferry.

Sitting at the tip of the Black Isle Cromarty is home to the Ferry across the mouth of the Cromarty Firth to Nigg on the northern shore.

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SNAPSHOT! Oxenholme, Waiting On A Nighttime Station.

The day had been going well, however a couple of transport glitches means I’m at Oxenholme station waiting for a train down to Lancaster. No point in getting ratty about it, it is what it is. Anyway there’s something a bit magical about a railway out in the countryside in the evening. The local wildlife begins to take over the station as those dratted humans beggar off out of the […]

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SNAPSHOT! Fleetwood, Just Following The Tramlines.

It’s Tram Sunday in Fleetwood, a celebration of transport and just general fun. It’s the first one to be held for a couple of years because of “THAT”, plus the weather has been magnificent so that all added up to a massive turn out. Walking around I think there will be an awful lot of lobster people delicately dabbing soothing creams on in the morning. We’re British, we just don’t […]

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SNAPSHOT! Lakeside To Haverthwaite By Train.

If you venture to the southern end of Lake Windermere you’ll find yourself at Lakeside pier and next to it is the terminus of The Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway. It’s a preserved line, running over part of the track bed that used to connect Lake Windermere with the rail route to Lancaster and Barrow in Furness. In it’s full glory it would have been a fantastic tourism asset as well […]

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SNAPSHOT! Train Ride To The Border.

Today’s expedition is to Carlisle. Yes I was there a week ago but I was only passing through so I thought I would go back and have more of a wander around. As I type this the train has left Lancaster and skirted Morecambe Bay which is looking fine in the morning sunshine as the wave crests dance and sparkle. I’m just waiting for Microsoft to let me have my […]

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