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ST. ANNES. Lets Go Fly A Kite.

25/07/15 ST. ANNES. Kite Sky.

ST. ANNES.  A sky full of kites over the beach at the 2015 St. Annes kite festival.

Do you fancy a day at the seaside? Good, then come this way to the Lancashire coastal resort of St. Annes on a sunny day in 2015.

25/07/15 ST. ANNES. Lobster Kite.

ST. ANNES. The kite festival, an orange & green lobster kite menaces the skies.

It was the weekend of the annual kite festival so when I rolled up the sea breezes were blowing and the kite strings were humming as kites filled the air. The event has been running since about 2014 and fills a huge area of the beach by the pier by the way, that’s a great place to watch the action from. Its well worth a visit ( there will be clickety-click things below ) if only to marvel and wonder at the shapes and sizes of the kites that appear there.

25/07/15 ST. ANNES. Blue Whale Kite.

ST. ANNES. The kite festival, a blue whale kite flies in formation at the 2015 St. Annes Kite Festival.


ST. ANNES. You get a grandstand view of the proceedings from the Pier.

Its an oddly serene experience watching the kites floating away, with only the sound of the breeze as an accompaniment.


ST. ANNES. The milking of kites should only be carried out by experts. There is always a bewildering display of kites on show at the festival.

As well as the kites there were the usual attractions of food and ice cream. Also the promenade bandstand was the venue for live music and again I failed to find out the name of the band. It must be a weird curse, I’ve always had trouble finding out the details of a band. A while back I put together a book of photos about the Friday / Saturday night music acts that appeared at a pub I went to. That was a nightmare, play fair guys, just one poster with your name on would be gratefully appreciated by at least one photographer.


ST. ANNES. Sorry, couldn’t get their name but they were good.

25/07/15 ST. ANNES. Gekko & Manta Ray Kites.

ST. ANNES. A gekko kite swoops alongside a manta ray kite at the 2015 St. Annes Kite Festival.

The town centre is only a few strides away from the beach so you could finish your day with a takeaway fish and chips, it’s what I did.

St. Annes Kite Festival

St. Annes Tourism

LYTHAM. Lunch And A Brisk Walk.

Lytham. The Morning Paper.

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