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Cleveleys, just a little way northwards along the coast from Blackpool, is somewhere I like to head to. It’s a little slower paced than it’s brash neighbour, a little less in your face. Somewhere the camera and I can walk around and take my time.

LANCASHIRE. Cleveleys, The Promenade Shelter.

LANCASHIRE, Cleveleys. The Promenade looking towards Fleetwood, one of the promenade shelters.

The area of Cleveleys I always head for, after the obligatory coffee, sandwich, cake fill up, is the promenade. A few years ago as part of sea defence renewals the promenade was rebuilt and part of the package where a series of stylish shelters and lighting pylons.

20-09-12 CLEVELEYS

One of the elegant and futuristic lighting pylons Cleveleys Promenade.

There’s something about they way the look reminds me of the film ‘Things To Come’, a stylised interpretation of how the future may look from an era long ago.

20-09-12 CLEVELEYS the sea

The shingle beach and groyne.

Another reason for my liking to area is the Irish sea as it roll restlessly against the rustling shingle and the big, big sky overhead.


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ST. ANNES. Rose Garden Solitude.

ST. ANNES. Lets Go Fly A Kite.

LYTHAM. Lunch And A Brisk Walk.

LYTHAM. The Morning Paper.

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