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23-05-20 SANKEY VALLEY. Ring Of Cynets.

SANKEY VALLEY. Cygnets on the canal towpath.

I took a walk along a nearby stretch of the Sankey Valley again a few days ago. The world outside is easing into life, winter is gone away and spring is getting into it’s stride as summer approaches.

I’ve blogged about the Sankey valley before ( there will be a link below if I remember ). It was the first canal in the country but not built as such. It predates the Bridgewater Canal by about four years though that was designed to be a canal from the off whereas the Sankey Canal was supposed to be a river, the Sankey Brook, straightened and deepened a bit. Lets say they got carried away a bit and did a bit more straightening than they were supposed to do. Which is why you still have long stretches of Sankey Brook running alongside a canal that’s in various states of repair.

The part I walked is well in water, the towpath is part of the Sankey Valley Way and is home to a varied selection of water plants and wildlife. My eye was caught by a family of swans, two graceful and VERY protective parents, cycles aren’t necessarily swan proof, and a clutch of plump, grey cygnets waddling about in and out of the water. Wont be long before they start the transformation and end up the aloof and graceful image of their parents.

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