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SOUTHPORT. Around The Pier in Black & White.

18-01-20 SOUTHPORT. Funland.

SOUTHPORT. Funland, where the pier meets the land.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so this time around I’ll go more on the pictures and less on the words. Give you a break from my ramblings for at least one post anyway.

18-01-20 SOUTHPORT.  Kings Gardens. Marine Lake Bridge.

SOUTHPORT. The Kings Gardens and the Venitian style bridge over the Marine Lake. Complete with it’s seagull guard of honour.

This time my time wandering blog takes us back to January of 2020, just before the wheels fell off the world and everything stopped. I live fairly close to the resort town of Southport and it’s a regular, year round go to place for a breath of fresh air and walk around with the camera.

18-01-20 SOUTHPORT. Ice Cream Time

SOUTHPORT. No matter the time of year or how cold the temperature there’s always time for an ice cream.

It was a brisk day, high on sunshine and low on temperature. I walked over to the Marine Lake and the Kings Gardens, two popular spots in the town and just stood back and waited to see what caught my camera’s eye. Letting the images come to me for a change. No agenda, no rush.

18-01-20 SOUTHPORT. Marine Lake & Shelter.

SOUTHPORT. The Marine Lake rippled by a January breeze. The low lying evening sun picks out lamp post shadows and the sheen of the dampened pathway.

I wanted a more documentary feel for the photos so I’ve processed them to black & white, I can never quite put my finger on it but black and white always has a more timeless quality about it, colour dates more easily for me.

18-01-20 SOUTHPORT. Shelter.

SOUTHPORT. The Kings Gardens, one of the period shelters. The Kings Gardens date from 1913, by the way, the oddly shaped shadow in the bottom left of the frame is your oddly shaped blogger/photographer.

Right, that’s enough rambling, to the photos…..

18-01-20 SOUTHPORT. Ice Cream Cone On The Wall.

SOUTHPORT. You did say a LARGE cone and chocolate flake?

18-01-20 SOUTHPORT. Ice Cream & Chips.

SOUTHPORT. Ice Cream, donuts, popcorn, candy floss and ice cream. Insulation for your insides.

18-01-20 SOUTHPORT. The Takeaway Shuffle.

SOUTHPORT. What’s you choice, chips or ice cream? It’s a cold day though, so you can have both.

18-01-20 SOUTHPORT. Biker Rendesvous.

SOUTHPORT. The landward end of the pier is always a popular spot for the biker and cycling communities.

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