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WARRINGTON. Market and Museum.

I’m taking a trip out on the train, heading for Llandudno. I’d pre-booked my tickets to take advantage of the savings and to save a bit of time on the day as I’m heading out early.

I’d picked one of the Warrington stations, Bank Quay on the main line, to collect my tickets from, it’s only a short train ride and should have been an easy run there and back.

Instead I had one of those “sticky” mornings where nothing quite ran as it should be and it felt like there was a large magnet dragging back to the house every time I made to leave. Anyway I finally got out and by the time I arrived and collected my tickets it was nearer lunchtime than I had planned so I decided to walk over to the market and get a bite to eat there.

WARRINGTON. The Market Food Court

The temporary market is still a bit of a work in progress but it is keeping the sense of the town’s market alive until the new market hall opens in 2020. It has most of what you need, including the food court and a real ale bar.

The market is currently between addresses, marking time in temporary accommodation between the closure and demolition of the old market hall and the opening of the new sometime in early 2020. The current set up is small but it does have all the necessaries plus a decent food court. So I grabbed a beef & salad roll, plus a lovely slab of cheesecake and started to make my way back to the railway station.

WARRINGTON. The Market Food Court D

A very tasty slab of cheesecak from the Cheshire Bakes stall. I’ll start the diet tomorrow……….

WARRINGTON. The Market Food Court C

I can recommend the beef, tomato and salad rolls.

WARRINGTON. The Market Food Court B

The essentials of any market are here while the new hall is building just across the way.

The route took me past the local museum and for me its a proper local museum. It dates from the 1840’s with the present building becoming it’s home in 1858. It has it’s origins in the local natural history society and shares the building with the local library. While it has a wide range of exhibits with a couple of notable paintings in it collection, it also has a great sense of civic pride spread through the rabbit warren of rooms and galleries. The layout is a much an attraction as the items on display. They have also revived the concept of The Cabinet of Curiosities, with a room given over to items of a particular history and interest, all assembled with the help of guest curators.

WARRINGTON. Cabinet of Curiosities

The Cabinet of Curiosities room.

WARRINGTON. Cabinet of Curiosities B

Impassive Bhudda, the Duke of Wellington and Napoleon Bonaparte in pottery and much more.

So if you find yourself with a longish wait on Bank Quay station, there’s two options for you to fill the time, both only a short walk away.







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