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WARRINGTON. A Square, An Old Market & Coffee.

We are going through strange times at the moment but life has to go on as best it can bearing in mind the prevailing health advice. It’s not a happy period but at some point light will appear at the end of the tunnel and the mood will change to getting back to as normal as possible.

All of that said there where some things that needed attending to so I found myself in Warrington. It’s only a short train ride away for me and the train is a lot quicker than driving. I got off at Bank Quay station, one of the town’s two railway stations. My route from there to the town centre is a quick walk through Palmyra Square, home to the Parr Hall of Oktoberfest beer festival fame. It hosts a great many other events as well but if you put a beer festival on I’m sorry but you more or less have a friend for life. The Pyramid Arts centre is just by there as well, a performance venue for music, stand up and the rest. So it was in through one corner across the Square and out the other.

17/03/20  WARRINGTON. Palmyra Square. The Queens Gardens.

WARRINGTON. The Queens Gardens on Palmyra Square, an oasis of calm just minutes off the busy town centre.

17/03/20  WARRINGTON. The Old Fish Market.

WARRINGTON. The Old Fish Market now standing in the Gol;den Square shopping complex. The rest of the old market, before it’s relocation to the other side of the town centre, was behind the half timbered Barley Mow pub in the background. The market is once again soon to be on the move apparently, from its temporary home to the new market building on Bridge Street.

Business done I had some time to kill before the train back so I decided I needed coffee so I hunted down Brewed Boy in his new location in the Golden Square Centre. Oli moved to the Centre in January I think, I’d drunk his coffee and eaten his cakes at a previous location so I knew it would be good to go. His smooth coffee is sourced from Ancoats Coffee in Manchester and his vegan cakes are home baked. Just the twin tonics for uncertain times.

17/03/20  WARRINGTON. Brewed Boy On Golden Square.

WARRINGTON. Golden Square. Brewed Boy Oli. The Man and his coffee. A bringer of peace and calm to the weary soul. Excellent coffee from Ancoats Coffee of Manchester with sublime homebaked vegan treats. A great place to take 5, eat great cookies, drink smooth coffee and enjoy some chat.

Caffeinated and caked it was time to wander back for the train home. I’ve nothing against the chain coffee stores but give any sort of choice I’ll search out an indie place. It’s not coffee snobbery, I just like them, I like the mix that comes with having that wide palette of choice that comes with the indie operator like Oli and all the others. Long may they prosper, especially through the current trying times.

Brewed Boy Coffee

Parr Hall

Pyramid Centre

WARRINGTON. Market and Museum.

Warrington. The Oktoberfest Beer Festival.

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